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iligal entry

How long the person in prisonment in iligal entry since last december 7 2016


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Purchase the happy meal with milo not coke ,please taking the order correctly!!how comes u want me to add rm1.50 to change the coke to milo?for your own reason that you are already punch in ,it's not my fault ,u are... read more

Klang #3,180 rating: 2/5

Hi madam i just want to know for how long my sister inlaw in prison there ben there last december 05 2016 thay catching theme December 7 we just want to know wen they can go back in our country

Pekan Nanas #3,179 rating: 5/5

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#3,173 rating: 1/5

Ehhh..btul ke ni.smlm sya bru dpt voucher amik kt hotel sri petaling.voucher percutian.ktanya bleh g mne² tmpt tpi kena bocking je.pelik..tetibe dpt pakej cti yg free.nk msuk tnds pun byar ni kn plak pakej hote... read more

Malacca #3,171 rating: 1/5

I had complain to HONDA for 2 times about my both front door trim/panel got rattling sounds during driving on uneven roads..during first time they have finished up my petrol by testing the car and finally said already f... read more

Rawang #3,169 rating: 1/5

The curry fish head is really hot and spicy. The taste is fabulous and I can't get taste like this in JB. Their other dishes like big pork rib also very nice.

Kulai #3,168 rating: 5/5

Before fixing everything ok. They just simply fix things. They hired runners to toll your car to their workshop but did not repair as per promise. They are full of lies.

Petaling Jaya #3,166 rating: 1/5

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