Telur tu kalau dapat basuh dlu arr..telur kotor kot.ades. mee goreng basah dia blh tahan sedap. Dua menu je kan.service kelam kabut chinese suka lepak situ.harga mampu milik.

Kluang #2,855 rating: 3/5

Dr are not arrogant with his knowldege..asking what is the name of one type suckeness..he said googlelah..wth

Masai #2,854 rating: 1/5

Tok Sudin Art & Culture Residence (GPS: 5.35421, 100.20956) is a cultural show staged at Dataran Tok Sudin in Balik Pulau. The performance is staged once a week on Sunday from 3:00pm to 4:00pm. Among the performances... read more

Balik Pulau #2,849 rating: 5/5

Body massage services very bad. The fat lady supervisor rude and stupid. Dont come here to massage. The massuers keep on repeating same spot until you got to stop her doing it. Dont get conned by agree to massage with a... read more

Petaling Jaya #2,838 rating: 5/5

ummm aghhhhhhhhhh tytyt yutu uuuuuuuu ooo oooo oooooooo agh agh oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo aa aa aa aaa ooo oo ooo ooo oo oo oo oo oo oooo oooo ooo aaa aghh ooo ooo

Kuala Terengganu #2,836 rating: 5/5

No place dsignated for dmoking. This is total discrimination for smokers. Even in Singapore thay have a place for smokers.

Senai #2,835 rating: 1/5

I have purchased fibre L shape sofa and pay full payment on Dec 2016.7/1/2017 should be delivery to my house, but not! I call them to ask about our safo, but they say let them check first will call me back! I wait from... read more

Simpang Ampat #2,825 rating: 1/5

MBS KUANTAN BOOKSTORE service is really bad. I came here for twice they did not provide a good service to serve us. What a disappointed! Never ever visit here again, waste my time

Kuantan #2,823 rating: 1/5

Sit and wait there about 10mins, nobody give menu and serve..... thn i juz stand up n go to another shop to have my brunch..... support oldtown white coffee better

Batu Pahat #2,822 rating: 1/5

The staff is rude and arrogant.when I take my baby after work I check personally when going home....tomorrow when I go to taska I ask them,why my baby get something in her body,the staf shouting and fighting with me.I ta... read more

Masjid Tanah #2,813 rating: 1/5