Malaysia latest reviews and complaints

     Petronas Sungai Besi Indah - Rude Cashier Name Putra

DATE : 20 SEP 2023 TIME: 23: 02: 16 CASHIER: PUTRA PETRONAS Maza Indah Enterprise PS Taman Sg Besi Indah Lot 7906, Jalan Balakong, Taman Sg. Besi Indah When I entered to buy some stuff there were 2 boys. I proceeded to counter and mentioned... Read more

     Batu nisan penang - best seller

if u need call him. hilang tanda hilanglah kenangan. tempat mudah harga berpatutan, semoga dicucuri rahmat. Read more

     Yokomasu Battery - Bad quality of battery

I was sold back in late April 2023 your battery and today I had the worst experience with battery broken. The battery was tested and completely dead. It is less than 5 months. This is the worst battery quality I ever gotten. I went back to... Read more

     RnR Machap - complain makanan

asalamualaikum, saya nak complain makanan dekat malaya food rnr machap , dia bagi suami saya makan ns grg yg dh tk elok lepastu dia boleh gelak gelak! lepastu suruh suami saya bg balik nasi tu , kenapa kau tak pergi ambil sendirii! lepastu... Read more

     Poslaju Kiosk Lrt Jelatek - Friendly and very helpful

Today i went there to pos something. And i dont know that the plastic have to pay by cash but im cashless. But the staff there is very friendly and helpful. Thanks a lot ladies! Read more

     SR Ratu Beauty Kuala Selangor - Traditional massage

Today is my first time here. Massage was good for post Caesar. Will recommend this place to others. Place is very clean and convenient. Read more

     SR Ratu Beauty Kuala Selangor - Best relaxing spa

A very good and nice place to heal yourself. Best treatment, friendly and good staff. Very recommended. Read more

     Multi Bake Kingfisher - Bought the loaf bread says expired on 11.09

Hi, would like to say the bread havent 11.09.2023 alrdy expired and also the staff is not friendly at all. They always on thier handphone chit chating with thier friends olny. Read more

     Kedai Kopi Loi Chin Wah - This Traditional Coffee Shop is Excellent

The Kopitiam (Coffee Shop)'s boss is very friendly and their foods is tasty. I suggest you all to visit their kopitiam (Coffee Shop) early in the morning because they sell kuih melayu and also Nasi Lemak in the morning. For lunch, they sell... Read more

     ONG DENTAL Canning Garden - Very pricey & do not welcome feedback

The prices are exorbitant. Experiencing problem after dental procedure, returned to get checkup and explained the situation but got told off, which is not a pleasant experience. Got impression not interested in the welfare of the patient de... Read more