Klinik Amal - Not recommended clinic

Doktor tak professional. Bercakap hukum hakam dgn org dan menyakitkan hati org lain. Juga menjatuhkan maruah seorg pesakit. Not recommended. Read more or comment

🇲🇾 Klinik Amal

     Pusat Servis Hayati - Pusat servis kenderaan

Pusat servis kenderaan d bandar marang servis dan baik pulih kenderaan.breakdown servis kemalangan kecil2. Read more or comment

🇲🇾 Pusat Servis Hayati

     New Mcdonald's Drive-Thru, Jalan Kingfisher Sulaman - Impoliteness

I was at the highway drive thru around King Fisher around 11.15am today. I was appalled by this young man who referred me as Old chinese' cina tua', which I think was very rude and uncalled for. Yes, I'm old, not too old, yes, I'm a Chinese... Read more or comment

🇲🇾 New Mcdonald's Drive-Thru, Jalan Kingfisher Sulaman


Service dibahagian barang basah iaitu dibahagian timbang sayur sayuran sangat tidak memuaskan hati pelanggan. Saya dah beberapa kali pergi TMG kemasik dan beberapa kali tidak berpuas hati dgn service 2 org staff dibahagian timbang sayur, se... Read more or comment

🇲🇾 TMG Mart Kemasik

     Pet’s Nanny Grooming and Boarding Service - My Pet's Enjoy Their Stay In Pet's Nanny Grooming and Boarding Service very much

My Pets enjoy their stay in Pet's Nanny Grooming and Boarding Service Taipan operation by true animals lovers lady Ivy Lim and family. They even put on weight and become healthy than before! Read more or comment

🇲🇾 Pet’s Nanny Grooming and Boarding Service

     炸炸帝 - Good service by seller and delicious snacks!

My Ipoh friend recommends this shop to me, he say their chicken biscuit is very delicious. However after I tried. It was indeed very good! You can smell the aroma of the biscuit after you open the packet, the service by the seller is very g... Read more or comment

🇲🇾 炸炸帝

     炸炸帝 - Good Service, Good Price, Good Attitude

I am not from Ipoh, but the biscuits in this shop are the best I have ever eaten in Ipoh! Besides, the attitude and services of the proprietress and waiter are very good! Read more or comment

🇲🇾 炸炸帝

     炸炸帝 - Great service and good product quality

I used to visit the shop every week back in the days when I am living at Ipoh, now I had moved to Kuala Lumpur, luckily I can now order their peanut candy through social media with them. Their peanut candy still tastes the same even though... Read more or comment

🇲🇾 炸炸帝

     炸炸帝 - Everything is good!

The biscuit and snacks they sell is very delicious, especially the chicken biscuit! Thats my favourite! The service of the seller is very good too! Read more or comment

🇲🇾 炸炸帝

     JRID Interior Design & Renovation - Bankrupt already

This company bankrupt and run away with clients money already. Please do not trust the guy CK Soh. He also failed to pay shop rental for 6 months. Read more or comment

🇲🇾 JRID Interior Design & Renovation