Malaysia latest reviews and complaints

     Mek Nor Kitchen - Servis lembab

Makanan lambat. Dah la tak sedap. Baik tak payah pi kedai ni. Oder 5 makanan. Selepas 20 minit, datang 1 menu. Selepas 20 minit, datang lak 2 menu, selepas 10 minit datang lak 1 menu. Selepas 30 minit, datang menu akhir. Datang sekeluarga,... Read more

     Mr Dakgalbi Melawati Mall - Waitress n waiter

Although I enjoy eating at your restaurant, what make me hesitate to go more often is the faces of the waiters and waitresses. They're not friendly at all. Read more

     Asiah Money Exchange - GOOD SERVICE AND RATES

the staffs are very friendly and informative. I sold US dollar at very high rates. their currency rates are better than other places. the environments also is quite safe. Read more

     Joe's Barbershop Nilai - Serious complain

kata tutup pkul 10pm.smpai pkul 9 ada 4 org staff.tapi xbole nk potong 1 cust punya rambut.datang daripada semenyih semata2 nk potong dekat nilai sbb nilai potong rambutnya kemas.sngt kecewa bila dh mintak tlong tapi staff lain pulak backup... Read more

     Pos Malaysia International Hub (PMIH) - IMPORT CANCELLATION

Im having problem with my parcel , the status are stated as import cancellation for quiet a while now. I need a clear info for the parcel ED514857327IN. Read more

     Pusat Servis PROTON Kelemak, Melaka - Very bad servis

Don't go anymore. Many time asking to check my car problem but alway give me answer my car is OK until breakdown. Car under warranty still Chech cincai also want me to pay for the cost. Bad servis. Read more

     SP Care Clinic,Bandar Baru Selayang. - very detail explanation

we satisfied with Dr. Vani explanation about my wife condition. Dr. Vani looks very straight forward, but frankly to say that she is a caring doctor to her patient. Thanks a lot Dr. Vani Read more

     Advance Eurotech Auto Sdn Bhd - Highly recommended.

Well-experienced and reliable mechanics, have been servicing my car here for many years. I would highly recommend anyone to come here. Read more

     Terajang Sakit Tempeleng Pun Sakit, Pasir Pekan - Ye la. itu lah.

Dekat Masjid Ismaili. Dekat stesen minyak petron. Dekat dengan Ashok Kuey Tiaw. Dekat dengan ABC Edu. Jadi dekat dgn segala mcm keperluan manusia bersosial/ bermasyarakat. Read more

     Warung Ughang Awak - Gulai perut muda

Terbaik. Sodap. Memang sedap makan sini.puas hati.lauk kampung terbaik.lauk pelik pelik je. Recomended family blh makan nasi ramai ramai Read more