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πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ύ Banting

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     Restoran Rafiq - Food

Nice food, nice view,good environment, and best service..and a sporting boss...its very2 nice food..My suggestion i hope all will go and eat at rest Rafiq Read more

     McD Banting - please alert

selalu sangat bagi salah , order lain bagi lain.. dlm buger ad butir pasir.. bayar bukan tak bayar, ayam greng dtg after breakfirst pon habis.. logik ke? Read more

     Alumni Maahad Ihya' Al-Ahmadi Kg Sg. Kelambu - Architecture Studies

salam, we are the architecture students from University Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (UIAM) really want to study about this islamic school, Maahad Ihya' Al-Ahmadi, due to our asgmnt to design a Madrasa relate to Nusantara Architecture.. so w... Read more

     Apple Optic Banting Sdn Bhd - too expensive..service bad

The staff seen like didnt want to service customers..And the glasses are too expensive.The shop didnt place the price of the glasses.. Read more

     Zeera Burger Bakar - superb

best homemade burger in banting town..................................... Read more

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Reviews from other cities

     Sushi King Aeon AU2 - Poor management and service.

Restaurant is understaffed, poor management of utensils (ie. chipped chopsticks, no sauceplates at the table). Some dishes werent as fresh as expected, especially salmon and chicken. Edamame was cold and unsalted. Some dishes didnt even mak... Read more

     Klinik Dr Azmi - harga cekik darah

menjawab lah depan Allah nnt dr. Org sakit dtg ke klinik, org2 kg pulak tu..kaki bengkak. charge sampai rm400. apa bende nya sampai 400. bukan ada surgery ke apa. ubat dan consult shja Read more

     Klinik Jelebu - Abortion clinic

Dr Gurpreet Kaur 78yrs old originally from India. very experienced with good medical knowledge and reasonable rates. Dr is not a qualified gynae but provides Dnc and Abortion services catering to the many foreigners in the area. Abortion ta... Read more

     Petronas Sg.Kob Taman Mutiara, Kulim Kedah D.A. - CHANGE SHIFT


     Honda Services Centre, Chai Leng Park - Hybrid battery pending for replacement

Hi duty manager, My car PKU1888 confirmed need a battery replacement. i have pay for Rm3000 deposit and get know the battery only can reach at end of mar 2021. I'm surprise for Honda spare parts need 2 month period. I trust Honda spar... Read more

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