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πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ύ Miri

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Latest Reviews in Miri

     Cimb Bank Jalan Permaisuri Miri 507 Jalan Permaisuri - Slow service and not enough seats

Waited for more than an hour for my turn. Not enough places to sit. The employees are so slow in doing their work compared to the efficiency of other banks. Read more

     Tim's Seaside Hideout Cafe & Lodge - Best best beach in miri with good food

cozy beautify and friendly. Food is above average, room is cozy although the water pressure for the toilet is tad bit low, service is above average , the waiter cant speak English so be prepared to speak in bahasa malaysia. But you cant fin... Read more

     Seoul Garden,permaisuri City Mall Miri - It is good

The food taste great and a really cute worker is there but I don't know his name because I'm too shy. Oh well.. maybe next time. But overall, it is a nice experience Read more

     Piring Hitam Cafe, Saberkas Miri - just OK....

Another malay cafe with tom yam and misc food. Ambience depicts pramlee time, creative but just average food taste.....:( Read more

     Piring Hitam Cafe, Saberkas Miri - expensive and nothing special.

Food taste so-so only. With that sort of price, many other better places in miri. Dont waste you time. Read more

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Reviews from other cities

     Sushi King Aeon AU2 - Poor management and service.

Restaurant is understaffed, poor management of utensils (ie. chipped chopsticks, no sauceplates at the table). Some dishes werent as fresh as expected, especially salmon and chicken. Edamame was cold and unsalted. Some dishes didnt even mak... Read more

     Klinik Dr Azmi - harga cekik darah

menjawab lah depan Allah nnt dr. Org sakit dtg ke klinik, org2 kg pulak tu..kaki bengkak. charge sampai rm400. apa bende nya sampai 400. bukan ada surgery ke apa. ubat dan consult shja Read more

     Petronas Sg.Kob Taman Mutiara, Kulim Kedah D.A. - CHANGE SHIFT


     Honda Services Centre, Chai Leng Park - Hybrid battery pending for replacement

Hi duty manager, My car PKU1888 confirmed need a battery replacement. i have pay for Rm3000 deposit and get know the battery only can reach at end of mar 2021. I'm surprise for Honda spare parts need 2 month period. I trust Honda spar... Read more

     Klinik Pakar Perubatan Wong - Skin allergy

Perfect but I need more medication. Now noofe medicine my skin fungus comes back. Please help Ong choo ming 0107686786 I couldn't reach u either thro clinlc pone nor can't come due to m o Read more

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