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      Restoran Rafiq - Food

4 weeks ago by Dayah

Nice food, nice view,good environment, and best service..and a sporting boss...its very2 nice food..My suggestion i hope all will go and eat at rest Rafiq
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      please alert

1 year ago by mira

selalu sangat bagi salah , order lain bagi lain.. dlm buger ad butir pasir.. bayar bukan tak bayar, ayam greng dtg after breakfirst pon habis.. logik ke?
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      Alumni Maahad Ihya' Al-Ahmadi Kg Sg. Kelambu - Architecture Studies

1 year ago by Muhammad Zamir bin Mohd Zahir

salam, we are the architecture students from University Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (UIAM) really want to study about this islamic school, Maahad Ihya' Al-Ahmadi, due to our asgmnt to design a Madrasa relate to Nusantara Architecture.. so w...
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      Fun Song City Family Karaoke - XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

2 years ago by takperlutahu

mcm pukimak la karaoke nih. sound sistem jahanam, air con tak sejuk, microphone jahanam. korang tak payah pegi sini la.bazir duit je. Karaoke paling teruk penah aku pegi. lebih 10 kali aku ludah temat karaoke nih.tttuuuiiihhhhh, pppuuuiiiih...
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      Apple Optic Banting Sdn Bhd - too expensive..service bad

2 years ago by Mwi Ling Phan

The staff seen like didnt want to service customers..And the glasses are too expensive.The shop didnt place the price of the glasses..
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