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      Ivy Hotel Cameron Highlands - Cameron Highlands

2 years ago by Sivaraj

Quite simple,and a budget hotel..Poor service..Room good condition...Good for family..Near to KFc And Cactus Point..Not Many channels on astro...Can stay for 1day.
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      Flora De Cottage Hotel.Cameron Highland - selesa dan bersih lagi pemandangan cantik

2 years ago by Roslinda

Bilik agak luas dan bersih macam dah renovate. Ade astro 10 channel bagus betul yg penting ada Ria dan Tv3. Liputan wifi ok juga, sangat smooth tak tersangkut. Lokasi strategik, 5 minit jalan kaki sampai pasar malam. Byk gerai makanan berde...
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      Legenda Inn Cameron Highlands - Goodcinditionaboutthe hotel

2 years ago by Bynini

Sy pom prnh brmlm d htl ni..sngt bgs plyn pom mesra..bilik luas,bersih.dn cntik
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