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      Skynet Bestmart - Skynet Bestmart

1 week ago by Jackson Lim

Skynet Bestmart is not available in Bestmart Shopping Complex due to had move to other place. Please omit it. Thank you
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      Nasi Kandar Jln Abd Samad - Horrible owner

7 months ago by fifi

The food is expensive. The owner very horrible. Stingy for parking in their area. Reason the parking is for their customers only. They should consider why people park at their place. It's because every paid parking near the hospital is FULL...
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      Tm Point Setia Indah - Service is so bad

9 months ago by Mrs

When I reached setia indah TM point, there only left one customer at counter and 3 workers in the shop, one of them was serving customer and another two was playing their handphone. Then I want to take number but the paper can't out so I as...
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      Jabatan Imigresen Setia Tropika Johor Bahru - Tunggu 8jam buat passport (tepuk tangan)

10 months ago by Anonymous

Teruknya!!buat apa ka situ doing nothng there kita orang tunngu dari pukul630am sampai sekarang pukul 230pm ,apa najis pun tak dapat!jialat, system down tak boleh call for solution ke?duduk itu tunggu apa
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      Gerai Norini - gerai norini

1 year ago by inahimuron

Menu sarapan pagi roti canai, nasi lemak, lontong, mee goreng, beehoon goreng dll pasti memikat selera anda. Kedai melayu pastinya selera melayu. Mailah datang
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