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City: Kota Samarahan

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      bad business deal

8 months ago by Anonymous

I went to get my spec done. Bought 2 item paid RM1,000. They said it will be ready in 1 week. Now is the forth week, still not ready. I can except their explanation although it seem to be a lot of bull shit here and there. coz from 1 week to 3 week, not ready. Ironicall, I call them in week 1, asking them them about my spec. They say it will be ready next week (week 2). I asked them to call me in week 2 to inform me about it. Week 2 arrive, no news. I remember it was Friday, I call THEM, asking the same thing again. Their answer Not Ready. It has to send to KL and wht not. Hmm hmmm ok. I TOLD them, you promised to CALL. Now i am calling you. So, i TOLD them, next week you call me. They say okay. Week 3 arrive, in middle of the week in call (wednesday), the spec still not ready. Still the same answer, my patients running out. Obviously, I have to call them again and again ASKING, the same as the previous week. I just need a phone call and inform me. Tht the arrangement we have agree on. I think they forget about what they should do... they forget about the customer but never fail to tackle your money. Secondly, I am just feed up with their asnwer (it the same all over), we can say as excuses and it full of shit. It not the first time they sale a spec or made a spec or send it to KL or wht not. It can be calculate, working day needed to do the work process. So, I think that Ronnie optic is giving a very bad and poor service, It very bad.

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