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      NEAPOLI - they know their stuff

1 week ago by A. Thomas

We used NEAPOLI for our house project in Johor Baharu and they were very honest and responsive in advising us how to half the energy use and make the project greener. Although they are considered the most excpensive in the market they didn’...
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      Afrose Restaurant Jalan Langkawi - The worst mamak restaurant in Setapak

2 months ago by Gigi James

The owner of this restaurant isn't a Malaysian, somewhat a muslim terrorist from india. The old prick always charge the customers 10 sen extra on the meals and drinks. He joyfully round-up the price, e.g If the price is RM3.90 he would char...
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      Sukyo Mahikari - why not continue with what am receiving now

2 months ago by p vinod menon

my uncle gives me mahikari-he has been giving it for the last 8 years or so-now he tells that I have to give it by undergoing a course-why cant I just continue to recieve mahikari whenever he comes from malaysia-giving it may need me to som...
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      Jalan Bomoh, Keramat Ujung - Suami jadui ingat i seorang je

4 months ago by Sivasakthi

5 tahun lelaki ingat amoi tu amoi je tidor keluar suamua dia saje? Pasal tu lah saya nak jumpa awak ...lain kali suami i jagan ingat dia
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      Dove Assembly Church - Dove Assembly in jln Ipoh

5 months ago by Anonymous

Dove Assembly in Jln Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur is a demonic cult Jesus who do not believe in the divinity of Jesus as God. The cult leader claimed to be the 2nd son of Holy Spirit. He died in 2009 , his legacy continue by the elder NG GHEE who is...
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