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I went to this opticians on the 25th of November 2016 and wanted to get glasses. 8 usually wear contact lenses, but the optician (Chinese guy) did not ask me about my prescription or anything. He told me it's fine,... read more

#2,642 rating: 1/5

The doughnut so far are good..i have nothing more to complaint but compare to big apple at the, the service are flies fly here and there..please improve the service quality

#2,529 rating: 3/5

Very rude n really worse. need to provide training to them to handle customer. The others still okay.Need to give them training.

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A place where there are many from around that area going marketing. You can find almost everything in the wet market, and there is a small supermarket also at the centre, a cold storage, bookstore, many coffee shops with... read more

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身為一名服務員應該對顧客服務周到、而不是大呼小叫、如果顧客沒有聽見而是禮貌的再向顧客再次聲明、而不是提高聲量提醒顧客甚至嘲笑顧客、注意你們員工的言... read more

#1,607 rating: 5/5

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