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     Desa Idaman Management Office - Rude guard

The guard is very rude. They always act like boss eventhough you are the owner of the house. When you late to bring out your car for just one minute,they will come to your house with arrogant face and ask to remove your car immediately. The... Read more

     Penang Favourites @ Puchong Utama - Regret coming here

Fried rice salty, prawn not fresh, smells rotten. Service and workers attitude is even worst. Please skip this restaurant. Find others restaurant nearby. Read more

     Take It Or Leave It - My engagement ring so beautiful!

My Boyfriend bought it at Audrey's Shangri La K.L. Cant take my eyes on youuuu! Beautiful Ring, Incredible Value. Proposal went well eventhough the ring its big. luckily free resize for the first time. waaa..but stil i like it. Read more

     Hama - Do you selling bulk perler beads ?

Hi , Do you selling any bulk perler beads and where you are place ? I looking for bulk perler beads and cheap. Hope you can reply my comment A.S.A.P Thanks Read more

     7 Eleven @ Taylor's University Lakeside - Rude attitude and bad service of one night shift employee

Shows no good manner or even attitude. Treat customers rudely, like we owe him. I go to the store, to purchase, not to take shit from anybody like that, enjoy such bad service. Read more

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Reviews from other cities

     Restoran Rasa Bandung - Tidak Sama seperti Di gambar

Aq oder nasi ayam penyet dgn nasi ayam balado. Di gambar lemgkap dgn sayur dan ulam. Kenapa Sampai cuma ada nasi dgn ayam, paling hairan Kenapa tangkap serai dgn halia dibagi tidak berbaloi dgn harga yg Di bayar Read more

     KFC, AEON Bukit Tinggi - Layanan yang sangat teruk

Csc sibuk menyapu dan mengepom di meja kami sedangkan banyak lagi meja yang kotor serta tidak dibersihkan. Selain itu, csc juga turut bertanya bila akan abis makan kerana mahu menyiapkan kerjanya dengan cepat walaupun baru pukul 7.50 p.m. k... Read more

     Honda 3S Centre (Angkasa Motor) - AWESOME SA

Looking for professional and deticated sales advisor? Recommended to seek for Ms. Wenxy, she will explain from A to Z about your enquiry with details information promptly and patiently. After sales service is very good Read more

     Joanlee Beauty Line - Cara jawap call biadap

Call nak tanya kedai buka ke cara jawap dorg kurang ajar sgt.cakap mcm samseng. bagus pergi salon lain Read more

     Restoran Safreen - Poor Service

Lately the service is getting poor and bad. Its like racist there as have calling numerous times to clean up the tables & plates as well as taking ordering of food/ drinks. Read more

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