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     Pejabat Operasi Serantau Petronas Gas Bhd. - No maintence ROW (PGB)

Please upkeep ROW along Jalan Setia Impian U13/6N .Sec U13 Shah Alam Grasses are all over grown Hope to get a reply soon. Thank You Read more or comment

🇲🇾 Pejabat Operasi Serantau Petronas Gas Bhd.

     Tadika Sri Penyayang - unfriendly and not supportive

Firstly the teachers looks and treat you differently if you are not a chinese. The teachers are not supportive and doesn't understand the children. Will never send my children there again. Read more or comment

🇲🇾 Tadika Sri Penyayang

     Unistar hostel - PENIPU

DONT RENT FROM THEM. SCAM! They will took all your deposit once you moved out from the house. If there is a black and white statement stating why they took my depo I'm fine with it but the worker never shows the statement. The worker is ver... Read more or comment

🇲🇾 Unistar hostel

     Unistar hostel - SCAMMER ALERT!

Do not rent from them. Their service sucks. The worker is very rude and arrogant. They will take your deposit too once you moved out of the house. Find somewhere else to rent. Read more or comment

🇲🇾 Unistar hostel

     Unistar hostel - Teruk!!!

Tempat menyewa yang sangat teruk. Servis sangat teruk. Pekerja sombong. Duit deposit habis kena kebas. Lepas keluar minta deposit cakap 21 hari bekerja baru bagi. Da 3 bulan lepas mcm tu , kwn yg tegur pasal deposit. Saya contact pihak host... Read more or comment

🇲🇾 Unistar hostel

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Reviews from other cities

     Geo Antharas - Manipulative Developer

Beware of this New Developer. Heard from an agent friend that help them sell being conned. there are other better options if you want to invest in Genting. Better stay away from this type of untrustworthy developer. Take note that there are... Read more or comment

🇲🇾 Geo Antharas

     Ah Mui Home-Cooked Dishes (阿梅家乡菜) - ytena hs j j s

Every time when my birthday comes, I will make my wishes and hope I can realize them. Sometimes I will think of the question of what will I can if the god gives me three wishes. The first idea comes to my mind, which is about my parents. I... Read more or comment

🇲🇾 Ah Mui Home-Cooked Dishes (阿梅家乡菜)

     Cenderawasih D5, Batu 5, Teluk Intan - Good and nice place

Restoran paling santai dan menghiburkan anda semua. Makanan yg enak dan pelbagai masakan. Datang lagii Read more or comment

🇲🇾 Cenderawasih D5, Batu 5, Teluk Intan

     Caribbi Seafood Village 家乐海鲜村 - Malacca visited place

Every time I come melaka sure I will drop by here, the food, the place, the environment, the service, I really love love love it yummy Read more or comment

🇲🇾 Caribbi Seafood Village 家乐海鲜村

     POLIKLINIK BANDAR 24 HOUR BUKIT BINTANG, K.L - Friendly, experienced, good consultation!

Friendly, experienced, good consultation! I went there several times and I got a very good treatment! Read more or comment