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1 year ago by Anonymous

I could not find a place on their blogspot to write a review so I am going to do it here. Dear manager or Savannah Hills resort, Ulu Tiram, My purpose of writing this review, or rather a feedback, is so that you may improve on your facilities and other aspects. The first issue I will touch on are the toilets. I went with a school for a camp so we stayed in the dorms and I most certainly dislike saying this, but it was terrible. The toilets have quite a number of flies and I suggest you do fumigation around that area and clean the toilets more regularly. Over my stay there, I may be wrong though, I did not see anyone cleaning up the washrooms. One of the ladies washroom even had faeces on the floor of one of the cubicles. The next issue is the dormitory itself. When I went for the camp, we stayed in bunks. We were assigned to a room, which had 20-26 beds in it. This means that there are only meant to be at most 26 people in it. However, the number of people being assigned to was around 36-38. I do not understand at all how your workers can actually assign 30 over people into a bunk meat for 26. I do hope that you will take note of this and improve on it . As I specified earlier, this review is written for one one purpose. That is to enable you to work on the facilities of the resort, thus benefiting the people staying at Savannah Hills resort in the near future. The third issue will be the transitions from place to place. From the dormitory to the dining hall, there is no sheltered link way at all. This means that when it rains, people are not able to cross over from the dormitory, I am referring to the ladies side, to the canteen. During my stay there, I had encountered rainy days, and I had to run over to the dining hall in the rain. That was not exactly very pleasant, so I do hope that you will also kindly review this and come up with a solution, such as building a sheltered link way as I have mentioned above. The fourth and final issue will be hygiene. From what I have observed during my stay, the food serve was not of quality and that there were flies everywhere. I suggest that you enclose the area, or as mentioned above, do some fumigation. During the camp, the students were also made to wash their own cups, plates and utensils. I have no objections towards that. But however, after what I had witnessed, I feel that it is a must for me to bring this up. There are four washing areas right outside the dining hall. However, most students were only able to wash their dining ware at two of them as the other two were consistently out of water. I suggest that you look into this too. Lastly, I will like to sum up what I have mentioned above. Just to note, these are all suggestions to improve Savannah Hills resort and you have no obligation to follow them. 1. Wash the toilets more regularly. If you want to serve your lodgers, you might as well go all out and serve them well 2. Do some fumigation, there are way to many flies 3. Do not try to squeeze in more people than you can into a dorm. Take in only what you can accommodate. (Do not take in people just to earn more money) 4. Build more sheltered linkways. 5. Serve food of higher quality What about the cost?, you may ask. Well, to be honest, I believe you know better than I do that people will most of the time be willing to pay more for quality items, food, locations etc. So I feel that these idea will certainly improve their stay at Savannah Hills resort. And therefore, they will be able to create better memories there and leave, feeling great. In this way, more positive reviews will be uploaded online, and also the lodgers will promote your resort to their friends, thus, you will save a lot on publicity. Thus, I feel that you should consider my feedback and suggestions. Thank you for reading this. God bless you:) Yours sincerely, A person who has stayed in Savannah Hills Resort recently

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