Ain Arabia restaurant & cafe Langkawi - The best Restaurat Langkawi

1 year ago by Cassie

I had a great meal here! Friendly service and the food was very good as well. It all came out hot and hit the spot with what i was looking for. I’ll definitely be back.
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      Kg Didik - Infi and lagend in kd didik

2 years ago by Fatma zafirah

Search info and lagend kd kd didik buil and original name of kd didik and how public leave in kd didik
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      Sport City Mall - Their shoes are rubbish

3 years ago by Anonymous

Purchased several pairs of sports shoes here. All so called "named" brands - Nike, Adidas. The first time I used them the soles came off. They have no phone number or any other means of contacting them once you leave the complex. Avoid a...
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      Ekspress Bahagia 98 - Unpropered Video (18sx) in Fery Kuala Perlis-Langkawi

3 years ago by unknown

Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera. Pertama sekali saya mohon maaf jika aduan ini kurang menyenangkan pihak terlihat tapi tujuan saya hanya untuk meningkatkan lagi kualiti pihak Feri Kuala Perlis-Langkawi. Saya adalah seorang pelancon...
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      Langkawi Elephant Adventures - WHEN WILL LASAH GET A VACATION?

4 years ago by P Menard

The Elephant Adventures is not a adventure at all for the lone asian elephant bull LASAH. He has served time in many zoos, sideshows, commercials and, of coarse, a few stressful movie sets. And then there's his full-time job, riding peopl...
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      Your Language Books Corner - special pre-loved book shop

4 years ago by lizz

The only book shop with more than 20 language in Malaysia. great ideas from this malay couple. The place should stopped by any tourists while at the island of Langkawi.
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      Restoran Kampung Siam, Pantai Chenang, Langkawi - such food restoran..

4 years ago by mr tomato

Such food ... Not halal food ... Poisen food and bos scandal staff ... Restoran such. Not to go restoran kampong siam langkawi
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      Ole Ole Chenang Mall - Rude staff you got!

4 years ago by Azlin adnan

I just want to report that your staff is extremely rude! I came to shop at your chocolate retail. I realized that she was talking about me behind my back.! Just because u put offer price on an almost expired products, is it wrong for me as...
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      Toro Watersports - very bad experience.

4 years ago by Anonymous

Extremely horrible agent. He gave us bad Go-pro camera and later we confronted him, he started shouting. Customers have no value to them.
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      Nur Kasih Beauty & Spa - Nur Kashi Beauty & Spa Langkawi~>_<~

4 years ago by Ashi Yogi

The most unprofessional spa I have ever experienced.DO NOT GO HERE! I had a "1 hour foot massage", that was more like a leg massage!!! When I asked to focus on my feet first and focus on the pressure points the wonen was confussed, which di...
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