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Service very Good. Reasonable price . Suggest here ... read more

#3,205 rating: 5/5

Seem more interested in making money, didn't get the sifu but another doctor maybe his son....went for my mom's neck pain did a hurried massage n charged 60 ringgit

#3,077 rating: 3/5

Before i sent for checking, the laptop still can use. eg : search internet or play game. However i need to keep chasing and wait almost 1 month to get it back and their attitude are so bad until i so anger with them. Fin... read more

#2,271 rating: 1/5

i want in this. because i like dance... and i want a rapper.please, give me in studio i like dance..unity dance studio fighting! saya mahu terlibat pada tarian dance kpop or what ever please bagi sayaa masuk this studio ... read more

#2,099 rating: 5/5

Won't collect leftover plates, ask the customer to wait for the stall owner to collect themselves Service crew usually ignore new customers, if you want to order drinks you have to stand up and block their way, t... read more

#2,077 rating: 1/5

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